1 SEEM (linking verb, not in progressive) a word used especially in formal or written English meaning to seem: appear upset/calm etc: Roger appeared very upset. | The city appeared calm after the previous night's fighting. | appear to be: There appeared to be no significant difference between the two groups in the test. | appear to do sth: The man appeared to have had a heart attack. | it appears that: It appears that there has been a change in the plans. | what appears to be (=something that looks like): Police have found what appear to be human remains. | make it appear that: She put the gun next to the body, to make it appear that the victim had shot himself. | so it would appear (=used to say that it seems likely that something is true, although you are not completely sure): "The boys are completely innocent?" "So it would appear from the press reports."
2 START TO BE SEEN (I) to start to be seen or to suddenly be seen: An image appeared on the screen. | Two faces appeared at our window.
(+ from): The manager hardly ever appeared from his office. | appear out of nowhere (=suddenly appear in a way that is very surprising): I don't know what caused the marks - they just seemed to appear out of nowhere. | appear overnight (=appear very quickly or suddenly): Software development is a fast-moving business - firms appear and disappear virtually overnight.
3 FILM/TV PROGRAMME ETC (I) to take part in a film, play, concert, television programme etc
(+ in/on): Roseanne Barr has appeared on the show several times . (+ at): Vanessa Redgrave is currently appearing at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
4 BE WRITTEN/SHOWN (I) to be written or shown on a list, in a book or newspaper, in a document etc: Her name appears at the front of the book. | The story appeared in all the national newspapers.
5 PRODUCT/BOOK (I) if a product or book appears, it becomes available to be bought for the first time: When the book finally appeared on the shelves it was a huge success.
6 STH NEW/DIFFERENT (I) if something new or surprising appears, it happens or exists for the first time: Several neo-punk bands have recently appeared on the music scene.
7 LAW COURT (I) to be present in a court of law for a trial 1 (1) that you are involved in: Smith was ordered to appear in court to face charges on the 15th.
(+ on behalf of/for): Sir Nicholas Gammon QC appeared on behalf of the defendant.
8 COMMITTEE appear before/in front of sth to answer questions by members of an official group who are trying to find out about something: The Senator appeared before the Ways and Means Committee.
9 ARRIVE (I) to arrive, especially when people are not expecting you to: Karen appeared at about 9 o'clock.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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